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Silverfish Removal

Silverfish Removal

Silverfish are wingless and have a flattened slender body. These pest are often found in many homes in places such as bathrooms, wardrobes, ceilings and among books and stored papers in your cupboards, where there is a major Silverfish problem in your home it is necessary to control them with a variety of chemical treatments to help achieve an effective level of control, we have access to safe and effective residual sprays and dusts that are highly effective at providing long-lasting treatments against Silverfish.

Baits are another effective control treatment that involves the placements of insecticidal baits in locations where silverfish are a problem. You need to eliminate their food source for these baits to be effective, so bait placement is important for this treatment to work effectively, space sprays can also be utilised as a flushing agent to bring these pest out of their hiding places. These sprays come in the form of high pressure aerosols, fogs and mists. Once properly and safely applied these treatments are distributed among building spaces where these pests may be hiding and destroy their colonies.

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