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If you have bees in your wall, flying around the inside or outside of your home, or maybe a ball of bees hanging from a tree or a mass of them somewhere on your premises, then you have a colony of bees that have either found a new place to build a hive inside your home somewhere or their still looking for a suitable place to build a hive, either way they pose a serious risk to humans and animals especially if you or someone in your home is allergic to bees, do not try to eliminate them yourself as you will aggrevate the bees and put yourself and others around you in danger, the best bet is to have them dealt with by Brisbane Possum and Bird Removal as soon as possible.

We Need Bees!
Its as simple as that, they are the life blood to our crops and other food sources, we rely heavily on their pollination of our food crops and the pollination of our grazing land, we love our bees too and although we are a pest control company our main focus is on saving as many of these wonderful creatures as we can, we will remove the colony and re-home them into a new hive in all cases if possible.

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