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Rats & Mice Removal

Rats & mice can burn your house down and flood it with water.

33% of all house fires are caused by rodents chewing the electrical wiring inside your home, in the good old days the electrical wiring inside your home was placed inside metal conduits (piping) but these days it's laid straight down in your ceiling and wall cavities without any protection at all from Rats, another good reason to remove these unwanted vermin from your home as quickly as possible and to make sure they never return.

The majority of today's houses also have plastic water pipes installed, it's quicker, easier and cheaper for the plumber to install plastic pipes, but unfortunately it is easier for rats to chew through as well.

Other than that, rats are quite destructive in many ways. They chew holes in your walls and cabinets, they nest in your ceiling insulation and their droppings and urine affect the air quality inside your home.

That's why contacting the professionals at Brisbane Possum & Bird Removal about a Rat infestation is a good idea, they have the tools and equipment to get the job done right the first time, we will also advise you how to prevent infestations in the future and what to look out for.

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